Terapias para Familias, Parejas e Individuos


La terapia gratuita puede estar disponible para usted si usted se siente triste, de duelo, estresado o quiere hacer un cambio en su vida. Nuestro Programas Especiales incluyen individuos enfrentándose con el cáncer, víctimas de la violencia, militares y sus familiares, padres solteros, & cuidadores.

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Terapias para Familias, Parejas e Individuos (Therapy for Families, Couples and Individuals) assists low income, uninsured/underinsured Spanish-speaking families and individuals by linking them with volunteer therapists and other supportive services in their area.

According to the US Census Bureau 2012 report, Latinos represent 4.3 percent of the 621,342 population of Baltimore City. This statistic is questionable, because it represents only those who reported to the Census.  The PBCP does not request documentation of citizenship and many of our Latino clients are referred to our services because their citizenship status is undocumented and their access to treatment is therefore limited.  Based on our experience working with agencies that are primarily working with Baltimore Latino clientele, such as the members of the Latino Providers Network, the actual percentage of Latinos living in Baltimore is much higher.  As these charts demonstrate, the Pro Bono Counseling Project has had a dramatic increase in the number of Latino clients throughout Maryland since 2006, with adult Latina women as the largest population.

Over a five year period, PBCP has experienced a significant increase in requests to counsel low income/uninsured women and children experiencing domestic/sexual violence, especially Latina women. "The National Violence Against Women Survey found that 21% of Latinas report experiencing physical assault at some point during their lives, and 7.9% reported having experienced an intimate partner rape" (2000). Furthermore, the Latina women seeking services through the PBCP identified the following presenting factors for counseling: abuse, anxiety, depression, family dysfunction and grief/transition. As a result of this need, the Terapias para Familias, Parejas e Individuos program has a special focus on women and children who have experienced domestic/sexual violence.


This program is supported by the Baltimore Women's Giving Circle.


Ms. H, is a Latina, 40 year old mother of two sons, ages 5 years old and eight months.  Her husband is a dog trainer who is violent and she is a self-employed accountant.  She wanted help with her anxiety and panic attacks that she attributed to post-partum depression, her unhappy relationship with her husband, their financial difficulties and her older son’s behavior.  Ms. H was linked with a professional counselor.  After seven months, when the case ended, her therapist noted that Ms. H had taken control of her anxiety, moved her children to a safer environment, built up a solid support system, began divorce proceedings, was employed and “won her first Kung Fu tournament!”. 


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