Parenting Alone: Building Healthy Families


Free therapy and additional resources may be available to you and your children if you are parenting alone and have limited income.

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Parenting Alone: Building Healthy Families reaches out to women who are leaving shelters with their children and parenting alone for the first time, single-parent families who are referred by school social workers and psychologists, families that are temporarily without a parent because one of them is deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, and families who have lost a parent because of terminal illness. These adults and children of any age are referred to licensed and insured mental health professionals in their community who have volunteered to take at least one case each year. There is never a waiting list, a fee, or any limitation on number of sessions. This program began officially in 2008 when the Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle provided a grant.

Ms. J is a 27 year old mother of two children whose husband died in a military plane crash when he was training for the Marines. When she contacted the Pro Bono Counseling Project, she had moved to Maryland to be with her family and yet she was more miserable than when she was surrounded by military friends and family in California. She described having difficulty sleeping, racing thoughts, sadness and confusion. After three months of therapy, Ms. J reported feeling “back on track”. She enrolled in school to complete her degree and she is feeling more settled with her family.

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