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If you are a person of South Asian origin, free therapy and additional resources may be available to you and your family.
CHAI (Counselors Helping South Asians) is the newest addition to the Pro Bono Counseling Project’s programs and is dedicated to the mental wellness of members of the South Asian community. CHAI was founded in 2001 as an independent organization and has since worked to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness in the South Asian community. CHAI has provided access to mental healthcare for community members and educational forums on the topic. In 2017, CHAI merged with the Pro Bono Counseling Project to become one of its special programs. The two organizations have a long-standing history of cooperation, and will continue CHAI’s mission in the future.
In the past, CHAI has provided a wide variety of services for South Asian communities in Maryland, including:

  • Referrals for mental health services provided by South Asian and non-South Asian professionals, based on the individual needs of clients
  • Partnering with local crisis intervention agencies to provide assistance to South Asian clients
  • Community outreach at places of worship and health fairs, with the goal of ending stigma associated with mental health concerns
  • Discussions, presentations, and workshops on cultural diversity
  • Cultural competency training for mental health professionals
  • Assistance for mentoring South Asian youth
  • Resources for crisis intervention and social services
  • Community forums to discuss pertinent issues in the South Asian Community

According to the Surgeon General’s Report, approximately 20% of the U.S. population suffers from mental illness, and one in four families is directly affected by mental illness. As the South Asian population in the U.S. increases, there is an ongoing need for culturally competent education and care for those with mental health concerns. As a part of the Pro Bono Counseling Project, CHAI will continue its outreach with South Asian communities in Maryland and provide its valued services.
The Radha Pathak Humanitarian Award, which CHAI awards to deserving recipients to honor Dr. Pathak’s kind and benevolent spirit in helping others, will continue to be awarded. Dr. Pathak was a dedicated and caring physician who interacted with patients, family and friends with generosity and compassion.
For all comments and inquiries, or to learn more about CHAI, please contact the Pro Bono Counseling Project at 410.825.1001.


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