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The Pro Bono Counseling Project offers a variety of FREE continuing education opportunities and events throughout the year to participating Pro Bono Counseling Project clinicians to provide clinical training and supplemental resources in different specialty areas which align with agency programs. 

Benefits of workshops for participating clinicians include:

Offer numerous FREE workshop CE's annually available to participating clinicians; workshop content to include issues related to parenting alone, trauma, military service men and women and their loved ones, and caring for loved ones with long term illness.

CE's approved for psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, and therapists licensed in Maryland.

  • Complimentary breakfast or lunch
  • Provide FREE resources and books helpful to practices
  • Provide networking opportunities at events
  • Offer top speakers from Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, National Institutes of Health, etc.

To register for any of the workshops below please use the Register buttons or contact Tina via email at or phone at 410-825-1001 x103.

Continuing Education Training

Upcoming Workshops

PBCP is pleased to announce the following workshops:

  • 3/31/17 Parenting Along Workshop - "Single Parenting: A Breach of Trust"
  • 4/21/17 Speakers Forum - "The Dark Tetrad and Assisting Clients to Survive Its Effects"


Friday, March 31, 2017

Pro Bono Counseling Project Workshop

"Single Parenting: A Breach of Trust"

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

New Hope Lutheran Church


By the end of this workshop, clinicians will be able to:

  1. Describe the grief process as it relates to being a single parent for both children and adults.
  2. Identify the difficulties in being a single parent by circumstance and how to navigate them.
  3. Discuss the different factors that go into resiliency and coping.

Workshop Details

  • Friday, March 31, 2017, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

  • 3 CE's

  • Breakfast provided

  • Location: New Hope Lutheran Church, Columbia, MD


         FREE for participating clinicians                          Registration Rate: $45


Julie Bindeman, PsyD, is a licensed psychologist who works with both adolescents and adults at Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington, a private practice in Rockville, Maryland. She has experience working with a variety of areas of concern including: reproductive challenges (infertility, pregnancy loss, and post-partum issues) depression, anxiety, self-image, body image, adjustments, and issues around life transitions. She views effective therapy as a collaborative effort and continually seeks out feedback as to how treatment is progressing. Since Bindeman believes that there is a strong connection between body and mind, she incorporates mind/body integration techniques, such as yoga and relaxation, which can relieve stress, anxiety and numerous other issues.  Bindeman completed her doctorate from George Washington University and interned at Loyola University’s Counseling Center.  She is a member of APA, MPA, ASRM, NFA and IAYT. 

Dahlia Topolosky, PsyD, is a licensed psychologist who works with children, adolescents, and adults at Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington, a private practice in Rockville. She provides assessment for psychological and learning disorders and integrates a variety of techniques including person-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, and expressive arts to address issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, PTSD, and anger management. Dr. Topolosky runs groups for parents to teach effective parenting and implements socio-emotional curriculum in schools. She completed her doctorate from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology where she was trained as both a clinical and school psychologist and then served as the psychologist for the Horace Mann Lower School in NY. Dahlia and her family then relocated to New Orleans where she worked in a clinic and then private practice serving the post-Hurricane Katrina population.  Dahlia enjoys singing and playing guitar and most importantly, spending time with her husband and four children.

Friday, April 21, 2017

21st Annual Speakers Forum

"The Dark Tetrad and Assisting Clients to Survive Its Effects"

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Sheppard Pratt Conference Center

Workshop Details:

  • Friday, April 21,2017, from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
  • 6 CE's
  • Continental breakfast and lunch provided
  • Location: Sheppard Pratt Conference Center

Registration Fee - $160


Daniel N. Jones, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at El Paso and formerly of the University of British Columbia where his teaching and research focus on the causes and explanations of harmful human behavior with specific interest in the Dark Triad of personality.  Dr. Jones has published many articles on the subject, including "Predatory personalities as behavioral mimics and parasites: Mimicry-Deception Theory," "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine: Psychopathy, narcissism, and gambling with your neighbor's money," and with D.L. Paulhus, "Behavioral confirmation of everyday sadism" and "Different provocations provoke aggression in psychopaths and narcissists."

Elsa F. Ronningstam, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and a Clinical Psychologist at McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, Dr. Ronningstam is a psychoanalyst and a member of the faculty Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, and a member of the Boston Suicide Study Group. She is the past President of the International Society for the Studies of Personality Disorders and has over the past three decades focused on studies and clinical practice of diagnosis, alliance building and treatment of narcissistic personality disorder.

Kathryn Seifert, PhD, is the founder of Eastern Shore Psychological Services, the CARE-2 Assessment: Chronic Violent Behavior and Treatment Needs and is a certified forensic consultant with over 30 years experience in the mental health, addictions and criminal justice fields. Dr. Seifert published How Children Become Violent (Acanthus Publishing 2006) was awarded the 2007 IPPY (Independent Book Publishers Award) bronze medal in the Psychology/Mental Health category; and Youth Violence: Theory, Prevention, and Intervention (Springer Publishing 2011) is written for the professional community. Dr. Seifert specializes in the assessment and treatment of individuals who are at risk for violence and those who are emotionally disturbed, behaviorally disordered, victimized, delinquent, and/or suffering from attachment disorders.


Clinicians will:

  1. Identify and distinguish individuals with high levels of each Dark Tetrad personality trait and the social and situational factors that are associated with those traits.
  2. Outline developmental and etiological factors contributing to pathological narcissism.
  3. Understand the psychological impact that exposure to the individuals high in Dark Tetrad traits have on others.
  4. Give an example of a person that meets the criteria of one of the groups of personality disorders and describe how the person's characteristics meet that criteria. 
  5. Differentiate the evidence based interventions for individuals in each Dark Tetrad group.
  6. Discuss the challenges in alliance building and treatment of patients with narcissistic personality disorder.


Registration Fee - $160

QUESTIONS:  For questions or problems regarding workshops, please contact Tina via email at or phone at  410-825-1001 x103.


CE Credit is granted to participants with documented attendance at individual workshops and completed evaluation forms for those sessions. Attendance is monitored. Credit will not be granted to registrants who are more than 15 minutes late, are absent for more than 15 minutes, or depart more than 15 minutes early from a session. Credit will not be granted to registrants who do not submit a completed evaluation form at the end of the session. It is the responsibility of registrants to comply with these requirements.



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