The Pro Bono Counseling Project is not a clinic.   All clients are linked with clinicians in their community.

The Pro Bono Counseling Project offers two different undergraduate internship experiences and one for graduate-level clinical students.   


Clinical: This experience is designed for students who are majoring in psychology or social work.  Interns will assist with some case management and client interviews while they are in treatment to gather qualitative and quantitative information.  Interns will assist with managing and updating resources for clients.  There may also be some interaction with therapists while assisting with continuing education workshops.

Public Health/Policy: This experience may vary from following health care legislation through the Maryland General Assembly; and/or providing outreach and education throughout Maryland for government and civic organizations that recognize the need for mental health care for their constituents; and/or conducting research and evaluation relating to the Pro Bono Counseling Project’s many programs for single parents, military families, elderly men and women, victims of violence, families with cancer and caregivers.


This clinical experience is designed for students who are completing all of their academic work.  Graduate level psychology, professional counseling and social work students gain experience in conducting intake interviews and assessments via telephone of clients' presenting needs and documenting some case management. This internship must continue for at least an entire academic year.  On-site supervision of indirect hours will be provided by the Clinical Director at Pro Bono Counseling.

Students will be referred clients from Pro Bono Counseling and must be clinically supervised by a licensed, Board-approved clinician for the therapy provided.  In some cases the Pro Bono Counseling Project may be able to link the student with this supervision.

The Pro Bono Counseling Project always welcomes inquiries about student internships. Please send resume and cover letter to Sherri Bloom at or call 410.825.1001 to learn when the next internship position will be available. Internships are usually one or two semesters in duration and are unpaid.

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