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“It’s a privilege to help people who otherwise really couldn’t access mental health counseling. I’ve met some very inspiring clients throughout this process.”

- Israela Meyerstein, LCSW-C, Lutherville MD

Mission, Vision & Values

The Pro Bono Counseling Project’s mission is to ensure that Marylanders with limited resources requesting mental health care are provided access to volunteer licensed mental health professionals and other necessary supportive services.

The Pro Bono Counseling Project’s vision is the availability of quality mental healthcare for all those in need.

The Pro Bono Counseling Project’s values are a commitment to compassion, dignity, resourcefulness, respect, stewardship and teamwork for all of our stakeholders.


Providing Access to Care for over 25 Years

The Pro Bono Counseling Project (PBCP) ensures that Maryland families and individuals with limited resources in need of mental health care are linked with licensed mental health professionals who provide care on a volunteer basis at no cost. PBCP, a non-profit 501c (3) corporation which began in 1991, supports the volunteer efforts of participating clinicians, by distributing those cases that could not be served by any other means, and collecting and reporting data.

Since 1991, more than 30,167 uninsured, low income families and individuals throughout Maryland were linked with 1,879 licensed and insured therapists who donated in excess of 111,000 hours for their care.  The equivalent value of this donation exceeds $10.1 million.  Therapists donate their livelihood so that these families and individuals can have access to mental health care. The types of requests for services from the 2015-2016 year are illustrated below:


PBCP is a Standards for Excellence Organization

The Pro Bono Counseling Project is proud to have received Standards for Excellence accreditation through Maryland Nonprofits. The application process involves thorough review and documentation of our processes and policies, and the accreditation shows that PBCP demonstrates excellence in nonprofit management and ethical accountability and meets the highest standards in fulfilling its obligations to those who benefit from its programs, to contributors, and to the public.

In addition, beginning August 2014, GuideStar USA, the leading source of nonprofit information, will highlight Standards for Excellence accredited and recognized nonprofits by displaying a trademarked logo that refers to their level of accomplishment.




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